Help steer our ship

Talk Wellington is well underway with helping people of the Wellington region make our towns more liveable, sustainable, and accessible by fuelling them with good information.

We already have great writers, lively social media outreach, and a strong, flexible organisation. We’re establishing a good reputation as a source of sound, engaging information that suits intelligent, busy people who care about their place.

What we need are some people with some subject-matter expertise, to help make the steering decisions for Talk Wellington.

This is where you come in.

We’re looking for a “steering crew”: a handful of good people to work with Talk Wellington’s convenor Isabella, helping make the a week-on-week decisions about what we focus on and how.

What’s involved?

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the transport and urban form issues around the Wellington region (out to and including Waikanae and Upper Hutt)

Using your knowledge, connections, experience, Scooby senses, intel’ and general awesomeness:

  • guiding Talk Wellington’s decisions on the most important issues to focus our effort on, week on week
  • steering us on the best approach to take on an issue – what strategies and what tactics to use
  • hooking us up with information and people who can help the mission

This involves having a brief, efficient and regular team huddle with the rest of the steering crew. It’s likely to be something like a beer meeting once a week or once a fortnight, where we discuss what’s going on and decide things.

It doesn’t sound like much but it’ll make a huge difference to Talk Wellington: for the first time we’ll have some actual subject-matter expertise in the decision-making!

If you’re at all intrigued, check out our About Us page, and drop us a line or call or text Isabella on 021 149 7941.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Image credit: Brian Harmer