Why talk about towns? 

Our urban environments and transport systems are hugely influential over our lives, and we should be able to shape them too so they work better for everyone.

Quality information is what makes ordinary people into city-shaping forces for good: people can talk, organise, mobilise, and do something to make their place better to live.

But especially around 2014-15, Wellington’s mainstream information diet was pretty deficient in good information about transport and urban form. This isn’t OK: towns and cities are too important.

Good city-shaping information and ideas need to be a regular part of Wellington’s mainstream information diet, so we can shape the places we live. 

Talk Wellington stepped into that gap.

The Talk Wellington kaupapa is about fuelling and fostering good discussion and accessible, intelligent debate so that we as citizens can better influence leaders’ decisions, and each other’s, in shaping our streets, neighbourhoods, towns

We’ve had an exciting journey on our few years – read about it here and our ongoing impact here.

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