About Us

What We Do

Knowledge is power, and with good knowledge we can have good conversations – and act to shape the places we live.

Everyday people in the Wellington region are being fuelled with good quality information from Talk Wellington, and having good kōrero: about how the places we live are being shaped, about what that means for our lives, about what we can do to make it better.

This is happening for two reasons.

Firstly because there’s really great stuff on Talk Wellington’s website:

  • Good facts, intelligent insight and fresh perspectives
  • The hot issues, and the underlying forces, shaping the places we live.   
  • Maps, critique, photography, analysis, data-visualisation, commentary, personal stories, and more.  
  • The best of the internet, plus our new content, independent and accessible for busy Wellington people.  

But also because our social media brings this stuff to where people are – grassroots, local and place-specific – and encourages good discussions about it.

Region-wide, 2018 is a big year for transport.

So this year Talk Wellington is focussing on how transport is influencing people’s quality of life – from our streets, neighbourhoods, suburbs, to our towns and region.


What we don’t do

Good discussion is too rare at the moment.

Far too often, the debates about important issues shaping our towns, cities and region are superficial and combative, with too few perspectives. Typically there’s either lots of heat and light (Stuff comments, Facebook pile-ons, ideological ranting), or these important issues just don’t get talked about at all.

Either way it’s bad for us all: decisions get made without us, or decision-makers are simply driven by the loudest voices.

There’s no need for another place on the internet for stuff that fuels this, so on Talk Wellington you won’t find alternative facts, oversimplification, grandstanding, fact-free rants, attacks on individuals, privacy breaches, leaks, and partisanship.

Talk Wellington cultivates an environment that encourages people and conversations to be informed, thoughtful, courteous, appreciatively inquiring, and brings “our best selves” into action.


 Who We Are

Talk Wellington is a large team of nominally-paid folk who believe that the Wellington region’s people, powered by good information, are a positive force that makes our place better for everyone.   

Our ethos is volunteerism and civic contribution.  We use the nominal payment as a way to clarify obligations and commitments, and to honour the skills and energy our team contributes – on top of busy lives, and far more hours than they’re paid for.    

The mechanism for this is a not-for-profit company, Kōrero Wellington Ltd. Our kaupapa (mission and ethos) is the only thing we can spend money on.   

Some of our crew do an hour a week, others ten. We’d love to have you – and right now we’re looking for a variety of people. Check out what we have to offer.

Isabella Cawthorn is the convenor for Talk Wellington.  

Our editorial team can be contacted here; drop us a line if you’d like to visit (our current physical address is Credenza shared workspace,  a six-month donation from The Wellington Company).


What Makes Us Go


Besides the fire in our bellies for a better Wellington, donations keep TalkWellington going. The lion’s share of our costs are paying the crew.  

As per our constitution, any additional funds are put to empowering more Wellington region citizens with good information.  We are fully transparent to our community, and financial contributors do not have any editorial influence.

Please support us!


Ideas and energy

People with insights make Talk Wellington go, by contributing content.  Do it in whatever medium best communicates how we’re shaping our place, what that means, and what people can do – we’ll take poetry, econometrics, drawings, data visualisation, design drawings, video, policy analysis, maps, prose, financial analysis, audio, gifs….

We curate great content from all Wellington’s and New Zealand’s information landscape, and beyond – see our Links page for sites we draw on regularly.

Keen to contribute ideas or just chat? Talk to our procurement team.



Wellington region people’s’appetite for intelligent debate, productive disagreement and generally getting engaged is something Talk Wellington are fiercely proud of.  

The arguments found in our posts are food for thought, with clear ingredients.  So you disagree (or agree) with something? Join in, enhance and advance the conversation with reasons, insight and good attitude.   We’ll maintain a civilised and productive conversation space with as little moderation as we can.   Here are our comments tikanga.