April 2019 update:

Talk Wellington is a different animal now.

See below. 

Why talk about towns? 

Our urban environments and transport systems are hugely influential over our lives, and we should be able to shape them too so they work better for everyone.

Quality information is what makes ordinary people into city-shaping forces for good. (and yes, it works). But for the past few years Wellington’s supply of quality information about transport and urban form has been patchy at best.

Talk Wellington stepped into that gap.

The Talk Wellington kaupapa is about fuelling and fostering good discussion and accessible, intelligent debate so that we as citizens can better influence leaders’ decisions, and each other’s, in shaping our streets, neighbourhoods, towns.

Right across our region, 2018-19 has been a big year for transport.

So we’ve been focussing on that, culminating in our Saturday series in the Dominion Post / Stuff.  But urban form and transport go hand in hand, so you’ll also find more content about homes, town layouts, development and so on

Update, April 2019

Talk Wellington was conceived with a two-phase life.  The first two-and-a-bit years of our life have been about proving the concept, a phase predominantly self-funded by our convenor Isabella Cawthorn.

The second phase was to be a Talk Wellington independent of one person’s savings account, funded instead by public-spirited individuals and organisations who believed in a better Wellington region through better public kōrero and action.

Since our big fundraiser in November 2018, dozens of individual people have stepped up, with a core of about 15 donating regularly.

But corporate sponsorship has failed.  We achieved only about a twelfth of the sponsorship we needed to run at mainstream scale (info on that here).

As of 15 April 2019, Talk Wellington will cease our striving to be a part of the mainstream Wellington information diet. 

This has been a really tough decision and has caused much heartache. A post will come on the ins and outs of this decision, but for now, please know we’re not going away!

What happens now?