Supporting Talk Wellington

Whether you’re thinking $10 per year, $10,000 per year, or something in between, there are three easy ways to be a Talk Wellington supporter: 

1. Donate one-off

Want to give a burst of love? You’re really great and Talk Wellington is really grateful.

Whether you’re donating us the price of a coffee or a few grand, everything helps.

2. Join the Family

Talk Wellington’s Family is awesome people donating between $100 and $835 each month (the threshold of our Hero sponsorship), who want to feel part of the Talk Wellington whānau.

Families are about people – see here for more.

3. Do us a regular shout

If you’re just happy to donate regularly and aren’t fussed about being part of the Family, the Regular Shout is for you.

Maybe it’s $20/month, a “chips for the team meetings” shout. Maybe it’s $750/month, a “weekly suburban newspaper ad” shout. Maybe it’s something in between.

It’s all awesome and so are you.


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