Donating: FAQ

Q: Why does Talk Wellington need money?

A: We run an “augmented volunteerism” business model (more here).  This means members of Team Kōrero Wellington receive a nominal payment for services as a way to clarify obligations and secure commitments, and to honour the skills and energy our people regularly contribute – on top of busy lives and other jobs.

So far this has been mostly funded directly out of our founder Isabella’s, savings to the tune of $45+.  This is obviously unsustainable.

Our content and outreach activities require about $77k a year (full breakdown here) – this amount will allow us to continue to offer the 2018 level of output AND will mean we can pay properly for some of our content, and diversify the voices on our platform.

Q:  How can I sign up to support Talk Wellington and make a donation?

A: There are three easy ways to support Talk Wellington: making a one off donation; joining the Talk Wellington Family (and getting access to our special community and events); or simply throwing us a regular shout.

You can do this directly (see below) or support us via PressPatron

We like PressPatron ​- their mission is to make it easy for readers to support sustainable journalism, via crowdfunding, membership payments and donations.  They’re an essential part of a healthy 21st century media ecosystem. 

Q: Can I donate to TW in other ways?

A:  Yes, you can make a bank transfer to our account (details at the foot of this page), or if your business or organisation would like to sponsor us ongoing, see more below.

Q: Have TW thought about seeking corporate sponsorship?

A: Yes! We are currently talking to several awesome civic-minded businesses who want to support TW. Read more about our Sponsorship Opportunity here, or download it to share (PDF 850kb)

Q: Have TW thought about asking [this organisation] for sponsorship?

A: That sounds like a great suggestion. If you know someone at that organisation you could connect us with, please let us know. Thank you!

Q: Have TW thought about applying for community grants?

A: We are always keen to know about grants that cover overheads / operational costs.   If you have any tips or extra info, please share with us – especially if you can help us apply!

Q: Have TW thought about getting funding from [X city council / the regional council /NZTA]?

A: Yes we have – but we haven’t sought this because our reputation of independence is vital to us: we need to be trusted to criticise or praise things on their merits alone. If you have connections or can suggest “no editorial  influence” arrangements, please let us know!

Q: Traditional media is dying anyway; why isn’t TW partnering with a bigger media outlet like Scoop or The Spinoff?

A: We intend to do just that, and conversations are underway.  

Q: Is TW a charity? Or run by a charitable trust?

A: No, are a not-for-profit company, Kōrero Wellington Ltd. Our kaupapa and vision is the only thing we can spend money on.  

Q: Have TW and Kōrero Wellington thought about becoming a charity?

A: Yes, however we don’t have the capacity with our small team to investigate this further. If you are able to help us with this process please let us know.

Q: I have legal / accounting / graphic design / web design / interviewing / mapping / photography skills – I’d like to donate in kind. What should I do?

A: That’s great!  Thankyou! If you are able to offer in-kind support either this side of Christmas or ongoing on a regular basis (4 hours+ weekly) we’d love to talk with you right away. Please get in touch.

Q: What will happen to my Press Patron recurring amount in 2019 if TW is wound up?

A: Presspatron ongoing donations are only taken a month at a time, so essentially you’re paying for the site’s month-on-month operation – and our fabulous local and insightful content being produced now! If TW stops operating, we’ll alert everyone and stop taking recurring donations.  

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