Why does Talk Wellington need money?

See About Us. In a nutshell: pure volunteerism is a beautiful thing but it’s not enough to fuel the scale, reliability, and durability of service that’s needed for Talk Wellington to become part of Wellington’s regular information diet.

After two years dominantly funded by convenor Isabella’s savings account, it’s time to find alternative resourcing.

How much does Talk Wellington need to exist in 2019?

Our “minimum viable service” level of content and outreach requires about $77,000 a year.

  • With this funding we can continue 2018’s level of output, but start to pay properly for some of our content, and diversify the voices on our platform.
  • We’ll also find ongoing funding, which is likely to include partnering up (like Radio NZ and The Spinoff).

Increasing this base to $97,000 will enable us to add some services:

  • $15,000 of this will enable us to start responding to requests for advice, such as those we’re getting from progressive community groups who want to be more effective in engaging with their communities and council.
  • $5,000 of this will enable us to run collaborative events that diversify the demographics of who’s engaging with transport and urban development issues.

Here’s a breakdown of our costs.

Help us do this!

Is the support you have in mind between $10 per year and $10,000 per year? If so you’re a wonderful Talk Wellington supporter. Check out the three easy ways to support us.

If the support you have in mind is $10,000 or more per year, you’re an heroic Talk Wellington sponsor. Here’s more information on sponsoring us.

Independence is crucial to us, so we regard all donations as fuelled by the civic-mindedness of Wellington region people. In other words, financial support does not come with editorial influence!

And we make all our funding flows transparent to you, our communities, through OpenCollective – here.

It’s fly or die

We don’t believe our region needs another blog that continues at small scale, without the reach or reliability to become a regular part of Wellington’s information diet.  So if we haven’t secured our $77,000 by early 2019, we’ll shed some very bitter tears and wind Talk Wellington up.

We’ll tell everyone what’s happening, stop all Presspatron donations, and offer all our sponsors the option of getting their money back.  All our IP and materials will go on Github for others to use: Talk Wellington’s information will compost into the Wellington information ecosystem. The site will not be updated but our organisational information and our content will be available for anyone to discover and use.

Read some FAQ about support and the future

But the death of Talk Wellington would be a crying shame, as Wellington needs this and it seems Wellington wants it too.  If you agree, support or sponsor us!

You can donate to us direct – Korero Wellington 38-9018-0787674-00

Or via Presspatron with this button