Shaping Te Upoko o te Ika: 2019 onwards!

It’s been an amazing ride over the last two years, summarised here.

From now, Talk Wellington will roll along like the other stalwart blogs of Wellington, publishing good stuff as energy allows. 

See who’s behind Talk Wellington, past and present.

Keeping the ideas flowing

Talk Wellington now has an extensive and growing audience, indicating people’s appetite for good city-shaping information. We’ll keep feeding this long term with a few changes, running some experiments to find what people want the most. Make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter as this is where the latest will be at. (If you can’t see the popup, email us)

Now more voices, more good kōrero

Talk Wellington may be playing a smaller role in Wellington’s information ecosystem now, but the information landscape has changed too. In the last wee while, even predating our series with them, we’ve observed The Dominion Post / Wellington becoming noticeably more thoughtful and progressive in their transport coverage (and its new comments policy). TV news are showing greater interest in progressive angles on transport stories.  

More signs of the zeitgeist are showing on the fringes – where, as Rebecca Solnit reminds us, progress comes from.  Since we’ve been around there’s been a blossoming in the local blogosphere: new local ones like TraNZport and Inside Wellington, plus new Tauranga cousins and Christchurch cousins in blog-land and on Medium), and in podcastland Indigenous Urbanism.

There’s been strong growth in aligned kaupapa groups like Women in Urbanism, Congestion Free Wellington and renewed vigour in Generation Zero. Plus Wellington’s got its foot in the burgeoning cohousing movement, and new Wellington groups like the Urban Justice Contemplaters are springing up.

They’re all adding to stalwart local blogs like Eye of the Fish and Island Bay Healthy Streets, who have great stamina and great content.

They’re all small, but it all means more well-informed and articulate folks putting pressure on decision-makers, and supporting regular people to do so too. It means better decisions giving us fairer, more sustainable, more liveable towns and cities.  

So keep reading and sharing! It’s really important to help spread progressive urban ideas into new eyes and ears.  Tell your decision-makers what you’re reading – you could just share them a link and write “I like this – especially [pull out the bit you like], what’s happening in our area to apply it?”

Get together!

It’s great to see a flourishing in the digital landscape for shaping our towns and cities, but there’s also nothing like a physical gathering of diverse, like-minded folks – especially with some good beverages.

And there are lots of small meetups happening: Te Upoko o te Ika is full of great little groups of people who share the big values of sustainability, fairness, accessibility, and liveability for all and for future generations. There are surprisingly few urban-focussed ones, and we know there’s real hunger for gatherings where people can “talk shop”, conspire, inspire and learn together about how to make our places work better for people.

Going places is always better together

We’re aware of a few nascent ones that we’ll publicise, and seeking to support groups who are diversifying the voices and actors involved with shaping our place. Please flick us a line if you’re interested either in attending face to face gatherings, or have an idea for organising something.

Here’s one: Future Wellington. Kristin Louw says:

We’re looking to start a community of urbanists who care about the future of Wellington. We’ll going to call ourselves Future Wellington. We’re looking for people who have a willingness to engage and share knowledge and who will have an interest and passion in some of the diverse fields related to urbanism.
We’re looking to organise events including field trips to sites, buildings and spaces, film nights, socials, informal lunches and dinners, job and networking opportunities. 
The project is still in its infancy and for now we’re gauging interest. If you are interested, please fill in this Google Form and we’ll get back to you…  

Help us evolve

Please help Talk Wellington find our new groove. There are some explorations and experiments running now, to see which kinds of content to focus on to empower your city-shaping. If you’ve got a good idea for the new groove, or some ready content, and can help (or wholly) deliver, get in touch!

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