Some January-February happenings

It’s always busy at this time of year but there’s an extra lot happening right now! Talk Wellington tries to keep up with this roundup, and please add things we’ve missed…

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Regular people, change and Wellington: the District Plan and the movement

Of course 2024’s first Urbanerds gathering had to be about Wellington’s battle for a District Plan that lets the city evolve. In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of the evening featuring A City for People, the War for Wellington and record turnout of new faces!

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Why density though?

Answered by A City For People’s Luke Sommervell, to attendees of March 2024 gathering of Wellington Urbanerds.

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Pukehinau-Lambton citizens: do the vote thing!

From time to time there’s a byelection and it’s easy to get distracted and not vote. In Wellington, right now, that could well mean lots of regrets. Here’s a few tips to make it easy for those with a byelection to vote in!

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Come together: diversity, discourse and the magic of place

Our national day is a pretext to be deliberate about our big, important conversations – our constitution, our identities, our senses of fairness. But all public celebrations let us indulge in a quiet, everyday magic…

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Summer happenings

Urbanism never sleeps… and despite NZ’s traditional shut-down and quiet period over the summer, it’s been a big time! Here’s some urbanism-relevant stuff you may have missed (and please add stuff we’ve missed – especially from Porirua, the Hutt valley and Kāpiti!)

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Summer, sun, socialising – speeding?

Summer! With loads more people outdoors, it’s more obvious how local streets are performing for their communities. Here’s some tips for local citizens to seize the opportunity for some productive local conversation about driving speeds.

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Draft District Plan, Hutt City: so hot right now! Your submission guide

A city’s rulebook (district plan) can block or enable a denser, more vibrant urban environment. Our nerd networks have done a helpful guide so get in there – submissions close 15 December

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Water: a chance to get our basics right! Your submission guide

The stream in your neighbourhood, the river we drink, the water at the beach – Kāpiti, Porirua, Hutt, Wairarapa, Wellington: how clean is clean enough? How dirty is too dirty? Submissions close 15th!

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400+ urban researchers descend on Wellington: “Pacific Futures: Australasian Cities in Transition”

This week the hills of Kelburn will be alive with the sound of more than 400 urban nerds gathering for the State of Australasian Cities conference. Guest poster Becks Newnham has the lowdown

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