Young girls and femmes in the city: visible yet forgotten

Cities can easily forget about or fail to serve certain groups of people; one of those is young people. Young girls and femmes learn to navigate the city in a unique way. What can we do to create spaces that work for and keep this demographic safe?

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Say Yes to sensible street changes (Kate Sheppard would approve)

There’s humble and sensible proposals to make Thorndon and Kilbirnie a little bit friendlier for people, rather than just cars. The suffragettes didn’t do all that hard work for nothing, so as sensible citizens who now have a voice, put in your 2c by 5pm Monday 27th March!

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15-minute cities (the latest conspiracy?)

If we didn’t know it already, humans are able to be afraid of the strangest things. The 15-minute neighbourhood is the latest and out of a morbid curiosity, we wondered how people are able to be scared of “have good life without needing car”…

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A tasting plate: superb satire, bodies for buses, and wicked webinars

There’s heaps of good stuff recently, enjoy!

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Do we really need to heritage list any more of central Wellington?

Heritage NZ are currently consulting on Category 1-listing the Hannah Playhouse. Some bigwigs support it but guest poster Peter encourages us to oppose it in the consultation – open til 3 March

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A picture of how it feels

Here’s a little homage to a classic image that blew our minds when we saw it, and now we see things differently everywhere we go

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Play in your city! (And dance, and …)

Where do we play in our urban areas? Where would it be good to play more? Good weather is a good time to think about this – and exercise the power of play for people.

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What’s under our streets (and why does the digging cost so much)?

This summer there’ll be roadcones, diggers and safety fencing aplenty in all Wellington’s towns, as councils dig holes to get the water (and poo) going where they should. So, what’s down there?

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A comprehensive guide to urban greening: more than adding trees

Melbourne’s been working hard at urban greening. And they’ve learned a lot about how it can be done, what mistakes get made, and how the public reacts.

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The fading dream of home ownership

With unapproachable and expensive housing markets around the world, many young people are giving up on ever owning a house. Alice Capelle explores a theoretical system that rethinks the inheritance, owning, and buying of homes.

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