Money, strategy and our Regional Land Transport Plan – your submission guide

Any tax money for Wellington region transport stuff relies on this budget bid story. Submisions are open and close Monday 24th June. We’ve gone deep so you don’t have to – and if you’re in a rush, the Typing Cat has your back!

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The RLTP’s Top 30 transport projects – more detail than you may need

This is the companion post to the main RLTP submission guide post. Here you can swim around in the detail – without going way deep – because we’ve packaged up several documents’ and tables’ material for your convenience.  You can also view all of the 30 proposed projects on an interactive map handily prepared by the…

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Why does it cost so much to build stuff in New Zealand? (and is that OK?)

Big stuff costs a lot, especially complex stuff. But how much should we worry? With more dismaying cost overrun stories, there’s more skepticism, more investigation, and more determination to be better…

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Density is destiny baby! Transport infrastructure and local government costs

A new report is out which has a number of “WELL D’UH” findings, and a few “Huh, interesting” findings – but mostly is a relief because it signals us finally starting to look at the real cost implications of our dominant urban form. Here’s some transport highlights…

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Wellington LTP submission guide: from up sh*t creek to longer-term better

It’s LTP season, and Wellington City’s version of the council budgeting challenge has had more scrutiny than most. Here’s the bigger context for all LTPs (plus some TW submission tips for Wellington City-ites)

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When a Third Place actually means we’re winning

Talk of playground design in Wellington had a few grown ups asking about play – “what about us? Where can grown ups go for active play?” Is easy access to a free and relaxing ‘third place’ the key to #winning in this game called life?

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Natural experiments, and traffic

You’d think that restricting road space for general traffic will automatically make streets more congested. But does it? Natural experiments are worth a look…

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Porirua City’s Long Term Plan: submission guide!

LTPs are always pretty important but the 2024-24 one is extra so. Make sure your submission’s in by 5pm Friday 26th April – as little as 10 minutes with this post by Porirua resident (and TW convenor) Isabella

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The Fast Track Aprovals Bill: Your Submission Guide

Your handy guide for a submission that supports Aotearoa’s towns and cities becoming more prosperous and sustainable, faster – without the dodgy stuff!  Submissions close 11.59pm Friday 19th! 

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Young girls and femmes in the city: visible yet forgotten

Cities can easily forget about or fail to serve certain groups of people; one of those is young people. Young girls and femmes, in particular, learn to navigate the city in a unique way. What can we do to make city spaces that work for this demographic as well as for everyone else?

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