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Regular people, change and Wellington: the District Plan and the movement

Of course 2024’s first Urbanerds gathering had to be about Wellington’s battle for a District Plan that lets the city evolve. In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of the evening featuring A City for People, the War for Wellington and record turnout of new faces!

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Listening recommendations! Housing and climate

Two killer podcast recommendations: a great myth busted, and some hard facts reiterated

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Don’t be resigned to renting being rubbish. It needn’t be!

Just your regular reminder that the munted way we do some things in New Zealand isn’t Just How It is. And, in fact, being better is straightforward!

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Teeny local businesses… and what we need to make them ubiquitous again

Little hyper-local neighbourhood businesses are great for 1,000 reasons, but they’ve been killed off by zoming rules and big-box shopping. So how do we let them come back?

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Three housing things

Fixing our housing crisis: it’s a hot topic and it’ll be one of our election deciders… but it’s also really easy to misunderstand. Here are three useful things about housing to add to your brain food this week

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The rise of age-friendly housing. Can vertical still be accessible?

There’s an assumption that housing for elderly or intergenerational families can’t add any height. But with care accessible, tight-knit communities are more than doable in multi-storied or even high-rise buildings. So, how do you achieve that?

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What does decolonisation look like in our towns?

Heard of decolonisation? What about re-indigenisation? What do these mean for how we design our towns and why should we care? Here’s our crash course on everything you need to know!

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The housing crisis: how we made it and how we fix it

An important report from Te Waihanga|The Infrastructure Commission shows that our current housing crisis wasn’t inevitable. Hear more from Te Waihanga’s own experts at the next Urbanerds this Tuesday!

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Why is city change so damn hard?

Pictured above, one of “the worst council meetings of all time” happening around the country as inner city residential suburbs become the battleground of our age. Tune in to hear why we’re bad at city change – and hopefully some ways to make good change easier

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No really, where do the children play? Stealth segregation in housing developments

When a housing development says “inclusive” it might pay to look closer. An award-winning mixed-affordability development in London ended up literally segregating the richer kids from the poorer kids in its play areas. How on earth did this get through?

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