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Road To Zero: submission guide LAST CHANCE TODAY WEDNESDAY!

Quick! The best ten minutes you’ll spend today – less death in our times!

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Rethinking Safety

As NZ grapples with our attitudes to our objectively terrible road death rate (not to mention e-scooters, kids’ cycling, high-vis, speed limits etc), we must ask: what’s real, and what’s in our heads – what myths have we come to believe?

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“Community desires” and the vital dullness of process

Imagine a well-intentioned initiative to make your local main street safer. Fast forward through a messy process, and now a local group’s taking Council to court over it all. What’s going on – and more importantly, would this happen to something good but messy in your suburb?

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The Traffic Jam: Operation Human Shield

RNZ Nights host and transport geek, Bryan Crump, has reanimated his blog The Traffic Jam, in the run-up to the local body elections. In this post, Bryan marks the new name for Wellington’s main cycling lobby group with a look at its latest strategy.

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Driving force

July 15th bears down on us: the most sweeping set of changes to Wellington public transport since ages ago. The Hutt’s had a taster and for the rest of the region, the countdown continues.  In this bus-focussed special, Talk Wellington’s been reading the news with a critical eye…

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A Bike Encounter in Three Acts

Transport economists, behavioural psychologists, engagement strategists, city councillors – you can go home now, the kids get it! Island Bay local Pablo recently blogged about some wisdom his cycling-happy kids shared with him. We stumbled across his original blog post, and thought you might like to hear what his kids had to say…

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