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Wellington needs more houses not more roads

Guest poster James Fraser looks at the vital nexus between housing and transport, and reckons that where it comes to Wellington, the government’s left hand is working against its right in making tradeoffs

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If you build it, they will come: bigger roads mean more traffic

It’s a good time to remind ourselves of a universal law of urban physics: if you build it, they will come. It applies for all kinds of travel, so it’s bad news for those of us who believe “widen the road, remove the bottleneck, that’ll fix the traffic”.

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Cut off: the severance effect of busy roads

Tried to get from the waterfront to the city lately? Or had to use a “pedestrian refuge” to move around your local shops? Severance is a side-effect of big infrastructure in urban areas, and it’s something we need to know about. As we learn the Inner City Bypass has worked out as a loss to…

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Moving the stuff so we can move better

Guest poster Derek experiences transport FOMO: he ponders whether Wellington is missing out on solving traffic woes by failing to consider alternative locations for major infrastructure such as Wellington Airport.   

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Scooters vs walking vs bikes: the Hunger Games of the street

As the media focus on Lime scooters and their perils, provoking caution and regulation (largely ignoring the four-wheeled elephant in the room), Kate Spencer calls it: it’s time to abandon the Hunger Games of the street.

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Writing the future by accident: Media and the Motorway

As we wait for Let’s Get Wellington Moving’s package to be announced, guest poster Tommo observes some patterns in local media discussion and gamely suppresses his conspiracy theories.

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Frustrated about e-scooters AND cycleways? Rori iti – little roads will help everyone

This week another thing now gives Wellington people a way to go faster with less effort – e-scooters. It’s just another reminder that it’s time to abandon the Hunger Games of the street, says Kate Spencer.

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“You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone”: valuing transport infrastructure when it’s not there

When you’ve had something for a while – like trains, or buses, or parking – you don’t realise what it contributes until suddenly one day it’s not going. Strikes, closures and acts of God are a great opportunity to test – what is this contributing and what happens when we’re without it?

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Over the rainbow!

Wellington’s getting a rainbow pedestrian crossing!  It may not seem like much, but it represents a giant leap for our road management bureaucracy. So let’s celebrate! 

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Safe Cycling in the CBD

Talk Wellington was passing the time on Facebook (I mean, who doesn’t?) and came across a thread on Vic Deals…

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