Supporting Talk Wellington: our Family

Donating to us will make a huge difference. Even small amounts matter!

  • $10 means snacks for a team meeting
  • $150 means six hours of social media outreach by our team, taking the ideas to where regular people are
  • $575 means our year’s accountancy
  • $1,125 means writers are paid for five 500-word website articles
  • $2,000 means we can run a workshop with one of the progressive community groups who’ve asked for support (on topics like: neighbourhood street reclamation, how to engage effectively with councils, how to do engagement)

It all helps!  

Families are about trust.  

We’ll send you a special newsletter to show you what your support is achieving and to thank you – you’re supporting us financially and that’s amazing!

We won’t ask you to sign a contract or commit to a particular time period of support.  If you ever need to leave the Family, we’ll say a huge thank you and spread the word to find a new Family member to come on board.

But what’s extra great about families is connection. And the Wellington region is particularly excellent for its networks – people doing great stuff with the people we know.  The Talk Wellington Family is like-minded folks who care about the places we live, and are backing regular people’s power to make things better.

We’ll offer special Family gatherings twice a year so you can enjoy this unique bunch of people in person, and build your own connections to enhance your life and local influence.

Here’s a summary document – download [PDF 1.5MB]

Join the Family via Presspatron

Or do it direct: Kiwibank – Korero Wellington 38-9018-0787674-00

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Image: Wellington City Council