Does information really shape towns?

Yes, by empowering people to make good choices.

Without good information, both people’s citizenship and their everyday personal decisions are malnourished.

Far too often, debates about important issues for our towns, cities and region are superficial, combative, with too few perspectives (Stuff comments, Facebook pile-ons…) Or we just don’t talk about important stuff, so leaders decide without us.  Sound familiar?

Our region deserves better.  What’s shaping our towns – and thereby shaping us – is important.  Given half a chance, people will want to know about it, talk about it and influence decisions.   

Talk Wellington fills this gap: helping people to see what’s having the most impact on their places, understand why, have informed opinions about it, and influence things.

Helping inform and engage regular people in shaping the places we live is a vote of confidence in humanity and in the Wellington region.

Q:  But will people actually do good stuff – or anything?  

A: Yes – more than enough.

Generally, people who care become forces for good when they’re well-informed. 

Worldwide, it’s demonstrated over and over again: generally, people empowered by knowledge do stuff that makes their neighbourhoods, suburbs, towns and region better.  It’s not everyone in every population, but it’s more than enough to make a great difference.

In Auckland, Greater Auckland’s good information has fuelled heaps of great local action.    

Wellington region folks care just as much about their places as Aucklanders do.  Talk Wellington reckon the same will happen here (but better!) from our good information and that of other public-spirited voices in  independent, traditional and social media. See what’s happening