TalkWellington wants to see a Wellington region that’s better for everyone.

It looks like towns, cities and a region that are:

More liveable

People of any affluence, age, gender, ethnicity, can readily enjoy and contribute to the everyday magic that’s generated by the clustering of intelligent, diverse, interesting people in our urban areas.

More sustainable

Future generations of the Wellington region will inherit towns and a region with strong social, economic, and environmental capital. It’s easier and more appealing for ordinary people to make sustainable choices in daily life.

More accessible

Wellington region people have real choices about how they get around, and can choose walking, active travel and good public transport first and best.  The region’s approaches to movement and to where things are found make our towns and region more liveable and sustainable.


This good change happens because Wellington region citizens, fuelled by good information from TalkWellington, are more engaged, making better decisions, and actively helping our great region be even better.

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