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Q: Is your city in chains right now? A: Depends on parking

It doesn’t matter how good everything else is: if your city’s wrongheaded about private car parking everything else will be in chains. But happily the converse is also true… tune in Wednesday 23rd for details!

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Less death please and thank you: Thorndon Quay/Hutt Road submissions in quick!

All the upgrade focus is arbitrarily cut off at Ngauranga, but the Hutt Road and Thorndon Quay stretch is still a heavily used route by those in the Northern suburbs and satellites. Let’s make sure it’s great!

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Parking for sensible cities: webinar 2

Equity, residents’ parking, behaviour change, and some myths busted – by popular demand, expert insights on parking plus some Wellington changemaking

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Plenty of parking, or something else? A webinar with Stuart Donovan

TUI Climate Community and Millions of Mothers proudly bring you expert transport researcher Stuart Donovan, live on Wednesday 3rd June and all about the parking.

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e-Scooters: what do you think? Tell the council

Wellington City Council is doing a 6-month check-in on the e-scooters trial. What do you think? Tell them by 2 February!

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The future of (more) affordable city housing: lose the car parks

“We want and like cars, they suit our lives and the lives we choose to live.”

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PARK(ing) Day: streets of potential

Today’s PARK(ing) Day, when single on-street carparks transform to real parks and suddenly become useful to hundreds of people. Have you seen them all?

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Streets for people (for a day)

World Carfree Day and PARK(ing) Day happened recently, a handy eye-opener of what we’re missing when we let motor vehicles dominate our lives and streets.

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The Low Cost of Ending the High Cost of Free Parking

Worldwide, what would you say is the single biggest thing that gets in the way of making streets better for people? Surely it’s cost? Maybe poor public engagement? Nope – it’s street parking. And it’s really, really hard to change. Stephen Davis of City Beautiful outlines how we’ve enshrined sacred cow status around storing your…

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Driving Me Crazy

Catching the bus now feels more stressful and less useful. Guest poster Helena Bailey is back – and she’s fuming. Why, after “improvements”, is it now harder to get home from the city at night?

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