Q: Is your city in chains right now? A: Depends on parking

It doesn’t matter how good everything else is: if your city’s wrongheaded about private car parking everything else will be in chains. But happily the converse is also true… tune in Wednesday 23rd for details!

Parking of different kinds is an essential ingredient in a well-functioning city. And it can be a huge set of shackles on a city, whose profound influence is so familiar we’ve started thinking it’s a force of nature.

So what does it look like, in real life, for a city to do parking roughly right, and how do we get there when (spoiler!) we’ve all found it so easy to do it fully wrong?

Tune in to this webinar, Wednesday 23rd lunchtime, by three leading city-shaping specialists: the Boss of Joined-up Getting Around at Auckland Transport, the Head City Design Honcho of Wellington City, and NZ’s “Mr Parking”!

Here’s the official event listing:

The role of parking management in a thriving low-carbon future

Parking takes up a huge amount of space in our cities but its impact on our urban form and travel choices is often overlooked.

A large supply of unregulated parking can worsen congestion, undermine efforts to improve public transport and cycling, and increase GHG emissions. It can also be a barrier to creating more vibrant and walkable neighbourhoods.

Effective parking management strategies can be implemented quickly and affordably, and provide many benefits.

However, the public has strong views on parking (ask any business association leader or local councillor), and well-planned communication is critical.

In this webinar you will hear from:
– Scott Ebbett, Principal at MRCagney
– Andrew McGill, Head of Integrated Network Planning at Auckland Transport
– Vida Christeller, Manager City Design at Wellington City Council

They will discuss the role of parking management in creating thriving low-carbon urban places. They will share experiences in communicating with the public on changes to parking and using street space in different ways.

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