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Public health & low carbon transport: what parties said

While the relationship between these might seem obvious to readers of Talk Wellington, public health researchers thought they’d ask political parties about this directly, and see what they said. The results are…

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Pedal to the metal folks: climate won’t wait for COVID

The government is rushing through a COVID-19 Response (Management Measures) Legislation Bill which includes backsliding on the Zero Carbon Act. Whack in a submission TODAY TUESDAY! It’s easy as

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WCC Long Term Plan: Your Submission Guide

“Don’t tell me what you value; show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you value”.  Last chance to make sure Wellington’s budgeting for what we value, over the next 10-30 years! Submissions due midnight Monday 10th May.

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Climate Change Commission Draft Budget Submission Guide (Done in 3 mins!) Due 28th

It’s time again to speak up: tell the leaders to do right by our future – cos if we don’t, they won’t.

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Climate nerd kōrero alert!

Through the power of Zoom, we have the chance to hear Lord Deben, the UK’s big daddy of climate change response, chat with our own climate caretaker, Dr Harry Clark.

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Climate budgets: reckons, responses and raruraru

A few pointers to find the good stuff (and cut through some screeching) on the Climate Commission’s draft budgets for reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

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The water is coming. What should we do?

Coming down from the sky, and up from the oceans: lots more of it, soon, and forever after. Eating our roads and pipes, coming into our homes. So what should we do “yesterday already”, pronto, and in our future?

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Climate, growth, transport: it’s simple maths. Just do it Wellington.

Wellington (like many other towns) has separate strategies with separate consultations for growth, tackling climate change, and transport. Sigh. Here’s your TL;DR for… ALL THE THINGS

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Transport for our children’s future

Part three of a six-part series, compiled by Talk Wellington, that outlines a sensible vision for transport. This is a space that needs filling even as Let’s Get Wellington Moving prepares to spend $4 billion on transport in the capital.

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Climate Strike. Now Climate Action.

“The kids are alright”, but (adult) Talk Wellington contributor Alex MacGibbon has been inspired to take action – what we can do here in Wellington.

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