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Transport for our children’s future

Part three of a six-part series, compiled by Talk Wellington, that outlines a sensible vision for transport. This is a space that needs filling even as Let’s Get Wellington Moving prepares to spend $4 billion on transport in the capital.

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Smart moves – voices of Wellington

Heaps of people talked to us for Part 2 of our special series, Smart Moves, but we could only fit a handful of them in the DomPost word limit. So here’s what people think about transport in Wellington right now, and how they’d like to get around.

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Thinking, talking and writing towns: great reads

Have you noticed the blossoming in the blogosphere around transport and landuse? There are more sensible and, yes, geeky people writing thoughtful and tasty food for our thought. Here’s a sample of our current favourites…

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Climate Strike. Now Climate Action.

“The kids are alright”, but (adult) Talk Wellington contributor Alex MacGibbon has been inspired to take action – what we can do here in Wellington.

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Belonging in the Capital

How do we feel connected in a new city? For new residents in Aotearoa, friendly third places can be hard to find. Guest poster Alina shares her experience searching for belonging in her new home, and has tips for others new to Wellington.

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Building social cohesion: spaces that bring us together

As Aotearoa’s Muslim community reels from the Christchurch mosque terrorism, and the rest of us ask uncomfortably “what led to this?”, it’s worth reflecting on how our physical environments can help inoculate our communities.

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Cut off: the severance effect of busy roads

Tried to get from the waterfront to the city lately? Or had to use a “pedestrian refuge” to move around your local shops? Severance is a side-effect of big infrastructure in urban areas, and it’s something we need to know about. As we learn the Inner City Bypass has worked out as a loss to…

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Do we need to think differently about transport funding?

As new research finds “failure to deliver” from one of Wellington’s most costly recent transport investments, Greater Auckland’s Matt Lowrie asks and answers…

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Get Welly Moving… How About Staying Put?

Kathleen Wright puts forward the case for ditching the commute into town and working locally. And, even saving the city some infrastructure costs.

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Come out and play!

This week mornings there’s magic happening in parks around Wellington. It’s simple, it’s potent, and it’s joyful: it’s The Big Play Out!

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