City future-making: get amongst it this Thursday!

Another great local thing to light up your post-election world

Every election season, regardless of your views of the parties, it’s easy to feel a bit disempowered: it’s all about the Heavy Hitters making grand gestures about how they’ll change our country. So it’s worth remembering that whatever the flavour of central government, the most meaningful and tangible changes often come locally: driven by regular people, organising and channelling local energy to improve the places they live.

You’ve read one from Wainuiomata, and one from Porirua, now here’s one that’s Pōneke-and-beyond – and it’s an invitation specially for you, dear Talk Wellington reader!

click on the image!

What’s it about?

The Sustainaganza folks say:

The future of our city is changing and we’re here to shape it.

Sustainaganza is a new initiative hosted by The Sustainability Society with support from Urban Pirates and Morphum Environmental.

We are working hard to build a place for city conversation where we can shape our city’s story, through a movement built across communities, disciplines and contexts.

We’re here to find new ways to shape our cities to be healthy, connected, vibrant and resilient for the future.

We invite you to come along and be part of an evening of dialogue, imagination, and community spirit.

  • Explore installations & activities that spark imagination [Ed: they’re actually great, see below]
  • Connect with community members and innovators passionate about the future of Wellington and Aotearoa.
  • Be part of shaping the urban narratives of tomorrow.

Also, a living human library *what a great idea!*

list of activities in the sustainaganza community showcase. Screen shot from the bottom of the website linked

See you there!

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