Listening recommendations! Housing and climate

Two killer podcast recommendations: a great myth busted, and some hard facts reiterated

Both of these deserve their own “Review” post so if you’re keen to pen something please sing out!

The great housing supply myth

Also known as the conventional wisdom of “housing is incredibly expensive because there’s a supply shortage so we just need to build more houses!” 

This one’s got some intense economics stuff but with occasionally hitting the pause button and replaying (and dredging up 20-years-ago Econ 101 / doing a quick Google), anyone can get it.

And gosh there are some pretty useful mythbusting phenomena described therein, with references… like the difference between what a publicly-listed commercial developer says to their shareholders, and what the developer says to a city authority (and the city authority says to the public) about how they’re going to contribute homes to the local market. A great listen.

The economics of sufficiency

Or, what’s actually going to get us (cheerfully) out of the mess we’ve built ourselves into!

Chris Hipkins and Christopher Luxon believe recycling and owning electric cars will take Aotearoa to net zero. [Spoiler: hard no] Environmental historian Catherine Knight advocates economics of sufficiency instead

Great edition of The Kākā Project podcast, where Bernard Hickey’s The Kākā gets its project on and dives deeper into a particular issue. This one’s a great one, with challenging ideas like “wellbeing economy” and “degrowth”, and Hickey’s excellently salty style (as per this standfirst above), flowing throughout the interview. More from Dr Knight here.

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