City space: for some, for all, for a while: great event this Tuesday

LettingSpace was an extraordinary phenomenon and there’s now a book about it. So first: enjoy learning about LettingSpace, and then: go to the book launch!

It’s good for everyone when street-facing commercial property in city centres is actively used – because vacanct premises are the lowkey Dementors of street life, chilling the soul and sucking the life out of public space which kicks off a negative spiral.

And public art needs space – especially grassroots, small art that whose makers can’t normally afford to get exposure to many eyes.

Enter amazing not-for-profit LettingSpace… read about it and delight!

And then go hear its amazing instigators and executors Dr Sophie Jerram, Mark Amery and Amber Clausner at the launch party for their book on Tuesday evening 10th October!

Info here including RSVP (Massey University Press Facebook page)

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