“Let’s go for a walk!” But where?

Whether you’re hearing “Let’s go for a walk!”  from someone excitable with four legs, or two, or both, it’s surprisingly hard to know where it’s OK to have the kids and the family dog.  A Wellington mapper and data geek has come to the rescue.

Here is data geek (and dog-lover and runner) Aimee Whitcroft’s Wellington city map.

(Click the picture to get the real thing, these are just snapshots.  Also they might be slightly out of date – check Council’s website if you’d like to be certain.)

And here’s one for Porirua: (click the picture to get the real thing, and note changes are afoot to dog exercise areas – see below!)

Wellington’s data and GIS geeks are an amazing community.  They turn data into really helpful things, just for fun, for the thrill of enquiry and creativity.  They are a reason we should all be encouraging our local and central government to make publicly-funded data open – because this sort of thing gets made!


Are you surprised at the number of places one can take dogs, kids, or both?

What would you love to have a map of in your ‘hood?

Lots of useful and interesting creations,will come out of GovHack NZ,  made with publicly-funded data. It’s all happening 28th-30th July in Wellington.

Do you live in Porirua? Council recently sought people’s feedback on some changes to dog control bylaws (local rules), and a possible new fenced dog exercise area. See here – feedback closed 14th July.





Banner photo credit: Wellington Buggy Walks – https://www.facebook.com/WgtnBuggyWalk/



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