More GOOD homes please: submission guide! 36 hours GO!

Big picture: more homes near stuff = good. But it’s still worth submitting cos the devil’s in the detail. Hot tips for a quick submission, >5min before Tuesday 11.59pm!

It’s worth submitting in support, and asking for improvements. We’ve trawled the nerd networks to make this easy!

  • Short on time and trust Talk Wellington’s kaupapa? TL;DR is your friend.
  • Want to do something a bit more expansive – or just read up on the reasoning? Detail and Reasons is for you!

TL;DR: step by step

Just go here.

If you’re on your phone, copy and paste the below into the online submission boxes.

(If you’re on a bigger device, download the Word version, add minimal personalisation (important), then upload to the submission page.)

Suggested content for the “Recommendations” box (the second one).

I support more people being able to live close to things we all need, in places that are more socially, economically and environmentally good. To improve the Bill I suggest the following:

Amend MDRS to remove front and side setbacks. Suggestion: 0m of front yard boundary, 0m of side yard boundary, 1m of the rear boundary

Raise / remove the 3 dwelling cap

Allow for communal outdoor space. Suggestion: One per unit of at least:15m2 for houses at ground floor, with a minimum dimension of 3m and 8m2 for houses with no ground floor, with a minimum dimension of 1.8m OR one per every 5 units of at least 10m2 of communal outdoor space, with a minimum dimension of 6m.

Immediately extend MDRS to Tier 2 urban environments

Limit use of character as a qualifying matter

Remove changes to Policy 3(d) of NPS-UD

Provide incentives for accessibility, universal design, hydrological neutrality, low emissions construction, and biodiversity enhancement

Create exemptions from planning rules, for iwi.

Suggestions for the “Comments” box (the first one) – put something like:

I wish to see a national set of obligatory minimum standards that deliver a nationwide level of good home performance: accessible, safe, nourishes community connection and people’s mental and physical health.

I wish to see a national set of building standards that enhance biodiversity, ensure sustainability, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

I would support a national and coordinated approach to water, transport, physical and social infrastructure to align with the increase in housing capacity so that future generations can live in sustainable, well-functioning and inclusive urban spaces in small and large towns alike, that restore the degenerative effects of colonization..

I wish to see a national, coordinated approach to standards, policies and investment that further enables diversity in density, housing typologies and layouts to cater well for communities’ diverse needs.


Enjoy the warm glow, and this hilarious meme…

…before reading the hows and wherefores of what you’ve just submitted!

Detail and reasons

The above is our submission guidance because Talk Wellington has gathered this stuff from two kinds of sources:

  • a variety of planners and architects we’ve talked with through the Urbanerds network,
  • nerd groups like The Coalition for More Homes, GreaterAuckland, A City For People.

The individuals share the same kaupapa for cities as Talk Wellington, as do the organisations. The latter have also done lots of homework in drawing up organisational submissions or submission guides.

The bits we’ve pulled from their submissions strike the right balance between “Yes” and “change this”.

They also address the legitimate design concerns held by folks like “Wellington’s Character Charitable Trust” (running “oppose!” ads in the newspaper).

Submission sources in full with reasons

  • A City For People, while sometimes a bit acidic on Twitter for our taste, have a very impressive planning, policy and resource management brains trust (perhaps not surprising: they’re Wellington and the city is rich in nerds). Their full submission is thoughtful and well-balanced, and includes great pictures of what getting rid of setbacks gets us. (Decent backyards! Montreal yay!)
  • The Coalition for More Homes is doing really solid work in Auckland on getting more good homes happening. Their submission guidance, helpfully presented as a Twitter thread, has a couple of Auckland-y bits but is really helpful in showing how these kinds of submission points are needed even in a city with a few years’ head start on Wellington in its planning transition. Read it below.

Now, don’t forget to submit!

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