Here, what do people really want from cities and neighbourhoods?

ICYMI, here’s the recording of the fascinating webinar talking about the new research putting NZ detail on the 15-minute city

15 minutes under your own steam is a fundamentally sound premise for arranging the stuff of life – so it’s no accident that it’s being used with vigour to make some of the greatest cities more liveable for humans.

But let’s zoom in to a particular set of islands in the Southwest Pacific, and their (typically pretty unwalkable/unbikeable/spread-out) towns and cities….

Are people of these islands willing to walk / scoot / wheel 15 minutes for groceries, or maybe a bit less, or more? What about for school? Or to a park…. what if it’s a really awesome park? What influence does the landscape, our expectations, NZ urban transport culture, our demographics, have on what we want closest to us?

This great research puts some local nuance into the “15-minute city” question, and helps inform what constitutes a quarter-hour paradise for different Kiwis.

Sidebar: a bit of the intro we found fascinating was this whistle-stop tour through the whakapapa of the Anglosphere’s notions about cities.

There’s loads more goodness in there on top of the insights about what we say we want (no spoilers!) so jump in and have a watch.

What it’s all about – TW post

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