House the People!

A talented panel discussing our current crisis, lessons from overseas and what we need to secure quality affordable homes for our communitieswatch at your leisure!

Here’s a “radical” statement for you:

“Homes are the foundation we build the lives we want to lead on. A great home means good health, the ability to contribute to our communities, and care for ourselves and our loved ones. It’s no secret that many of us have been locked out of having a great home.

Successive governments have under-invested in public homes, and supported policies that widen the gap between those profiting from the housing system, and those locked out of it.

Public housing is infrastructure for care, connection, and contribution. We need the government to look after all of our long-term wellbeing by making a significant investment in building, buying, and acquiring more public homes – for the people.”

Public Housing Futures, in collaboration with ActionStation Aotearoa ran an excellent webinar last week, featuring writer and political organiser Kassie Hartendorp (Ngāti Raukawa), researcher Vanessa Cole, researcher and author Max Harris, and writer, artist and environmental educator Phoebe Carr (Ngāti Awa, Tūhoe).

Watch and enjoy!

They discuss the housing crisis, the and potential for Aotearoa’s public housing, and lessons learned from overseas (particularly Sweden where their government built over one million dwellings over ten years).

They dived into the history of New Zealand’s crisis and what happened to our state housing programme. And it will argue the case and means for mass building warm, sustainable, and safe public housing.

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