Urbanerds 2022 kicks off!

Interested in what makes cities tick? Like talking about it? Come enjoy your people Tuesday 8th Feb – AND A SPECIAL GUEST!

Urbanerds is back!

Our first gathering of 2022 is Tuesday 8th February – fresh back from Waitangi weekend’s Mondayised holiday.


It’s our first time having a special guest for an in-person Urbanerds!

And our guest’s specialism speaks to some of the biggest questions facing us right now:

  • How can Kiwis live a good life in apartments, rather than the Kiwi quarter-acre paradise (or its modern suburban version)?
  • As we intensify our cities and try to find the balance between quality, quantity and speed, what does “good design” or “risk of slums” actually mean when we say it in good faith?

Seems a good time for a brand-new book all about Modern Apartment Design!

a photo of guy marriage holding up a copy of the book Modern Apartment Design

Modern Apartment Design‘s editor, architect and inner-city resident Guy Marriage will be joining us at the start of Urbanerds to share some cool teasers from the book, and untold stories from its creation – kickoff 5.30.  

He’ll be around for just an hour to nerd with us and enjoy some good urban kōrero on this important topic, so make sure you don’t miss out!  

As always, 5pm-7.30ish (and onwards!) at our same awesome venue, Waitoa on Victoria Street (near the alleyway into the back of the Left Bank of Cuba Mall). Make sure you’re signed up to the email list to get the monthly notification.

We’ll look forward to seeing you all – tanned, double-vaccinated, and reinvigorated for 2022!

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