Changing Street Parking: strategy vs world

In city transport, if you sort out parking, everything becomes possible. And if you fail to sort out parking, everything will be way harder. Auckland’s followed Wellington in making a good parking strategy, so let’s hear how that went!

Hosted by MR Cagney’s parking guru Scott Ebbett, it’s a great listen starring one of the more courageous public officials we’ve observed of late (Andrew McGill, here doing a grand job despite a typically dreadful hitpiece by Bernard Orsman). Also features Vida Christeller, Wellington City Council’s Manager of City Design.

Enjoy it in light of Wellington making a brand new Parking Policy (which you helped with, dear Readers!).

And, recently Porirua (though it took them two goes to start enforcing it).

Where else do you know of?

How well do you feel new parking policies are actually being enforced or otherwise brought to life?

Banner image credit: Jae C Hong, AP

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