Vote your power for better urban New Zealand!

For your empowered voting enjoyment as an urban citizen…

We hear at Talk Wellington that you our readers appreciate us being really unequivocal and evidence-based about urban policy and whether it’ll make for fairer, more sustainable, more prosperous towns and cities and people.  If it’s good stuff, we’re into it – whoever’s proposing it!  

So, dear urban citizens of Te Upoko o te Ika and 84% of New Zealand who’s urban: read on, and go vote!

For starters: think climate.

Why? Because urban stuff (physical, legal, cultural) that’s good for the climate has a huge overlap (like, really huge) with urban stuff that’s good for communities, for families, for old and young people, for local jobs, for economic vitality, for local biodiversity, for our water footprint… seriously, it goes on and on.

You get the drift. It’s just good.

Wellington Spinoff Editor Joel MacManus has done a great “transport policies in two minutes” roundup, companion reading to Marc Daalder’s climate and transport material and that of Eloise Gibson – props for longevity!

For general reading about parties’ policies around transport and urban form, we often reach for the “politics and governance” category of Greater Auckland

For housing and development, the cheerfully nerdy Better Things Are Possible

All the policies on all the things, from the fantastic service from Massey University, (we love the “blind” option where you can pick policies on merit, not on party affiliation)

The Public Health Communication Centre have several great party-policy reviews that bring the science, thank goodness. Actually this super helpful phenomenon deserves a bookmark for reading all year round!

And cos we all need it: a reminder on how MMP works (everyone needs a refresher!)

Now, get thee to a voting place!

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