Weekend Reading – 26.08.17

SATURDAY 26.8.17

Weekend Reading

There’s loads of interesting stuff out there about towns and what makes them good (or not) to live in – far too much for us to write about.  So each weekend TalkWellington offers you a random pick’n’mix of interesting stuff we’ve been reading. For your enjoyment, here’s this week’s.

Auckland: eating our lunch on efficient transport

Wellington’s been (justifiably) smug about our best-in-NZ rail numbers, but Auckland’s strong investment is unleashing a torrent of ridership.  It seems Aucklanders aren’t as wedded to their cars as their stereotype: offer them a practically appealing choice and they flock to it.

Cars On Tap

Ever thought “how is it really possible for all these trendy millennials to do without a car?!”  Part of the answer is carshare.  It can fill a real niche in cities, but (like Wellington) it can take quite a battle to establish a healthy market.  But in Australia carshare’s thriving without any supportive government policy.

Pizza as a service!

A neat explanation of the “buy it As A Service, don’t own one yourself” phenomenon that came from software and is redefining travel (carshare, bikeshare, Uber, Zoomy etc) and accommodation (Air BNB), and parking (Parkable), and more.   We found several versions of this in the internet so credit to whomever cooked this up

Pizza, as a service!

Here is another for cars…

Car as a Service


Transport justice: democratising cycling

In all the feisty debates about giving people more bike-friendly streets, the voices we rarely (never?!) hear are those of people who’re not affluent.  And this, despite the fact that being able to use cycling for short trips can be transformational in towns like Wellington’s (where transport can eat 40% of your earnings).   Baltimore, in the US, is taking a different tack and actively enlisting bikes in the fight against inequality.

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