Safe Cycling in the CBD

Talk Wellington was passing the time on Facebook (I mean, who doesn’t?) and came across a thread on Vic Deals…


Tips and Tricks

Some of us at Talk Welly are keen cyclists, consistent in bike use whatever the weather. Others of us? Not so much. But we always like a good kōrero on cycling safety and love the person who started this thread:



We’re especially fond of the brackets and request for reason!

There were some fabulous responses from people.


First off the bat:

Possibly not quite what the question asker was after!







Although with all the issues at the moment…






This person was more helpful, and encouraging to boot:

Reminds us of “dance like no one’s watching”








Speed is important:

Oh, Mr. Darcy! Your tips!








That mental image though 🚴🏽‍♂️🦈







Choose your route and learn the rules:

We wish all car drivers would signal too…









Defensive driving should see you right, according to one user:













And here’s that link that was shared.


Expect the unexpected:






Talk Welly remembers (although we’d rather forget) flying over handlebars thanks to a car door opening without warning.


Practice makes perfect:









Obedience is key:










And finally don’t look back in anger:






Thanks to all those lovely cyclists for their ideas. Talk Wellington is impressed.

What other tips would you give for someone wanting to safely ride around our city? 

Can you make it to the seminar today: Can bicycles save our city?

Comment below, tweet, share pics on our Instagram – just get in touch!


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