Feedback-a-rama! Consultation Season is open

Warm up those typing fingers folks, important things need your say! Here’s your handy guide to firing off good feedback faster than a 10year old with an automatic potato gun – and do it this week!

Why all at once? Well, “quick get the consultation done before Xmas” has come round again. It’s always the same, and it’s always important to do – even while you’re out to staff lunch or off to Christmas drinks.

So here’s your handy guide – sourced from sensible folks who are public-good nerds about this stuff.

Improving the Golden Mile

LGWM visualisation – but don’t be limited by this: it’s your chance to imagine it way better and tell ’em so!

This is exciting! Check out this post for some inspiration .


The massive thing here is carfreeing it from general traffic. Finally unlocking the Golden Mile to be able to perform as the city Place it should be. The question must not be whether but how well.

Feedback closes:

15th December 2019

Key things you could say:

  • Private vehicles should be largely removed from the Golden Mile, but still allow room and access for disabled people and deliveries – deliveries possibly time limited.
  • Can we stimulate the night time economy down here? It’s dead after 6pm.
  • Remove parking as well as most general traffic and return public space to mixed use for people-movement, or just for “place”
  • Consider changes on the Golden Mile in the context of its surroundings; we want an accessible, walkable, lively city
  • Consider how to improve weatherproofing in conjunction with traffic removal so that the pedestrian experience is enhanced in all phases of our maritime climate (in other words: it’s a dirty big wet wind funnel too much of the time)
  • Consider creating iconic art locations and spaces for temporary and innovative streetscapes in the space created by removing cars and car parks, or all over the street. Show the streams, show the local history more?

They’re using Social Pinpoint (map thing where you can put in your own comments and photos) so be bold, be imaginative. See this post for some inspiration.

Link for feedback – by 15th December remember!

Safer speeds in the central city

This is awesome for a liveable, people-friendly Pōneke and hopefully other towns will follow suit. Check out the second half of this post for some inspiration.

A big sign. Good start, but not much use on its own. Photo: Stuff


Default to survivable speeds. Literally. The odds of being grievously injured or dying go from 70-80% when you’re hit at 50km, to around 10% if you’re hit at 30. The subconscious effects of more survivable speeds are huge too: a more appealing, linger-worthy street. More commerce, more meeting up, more hanging out…

Feedback closes:

15th December 2019

Key things you could say:

  • Absolutely crucial to use physical treatments (stuff built in the street) that send subconscious “human factors” signals to people – especially to those driving – not just pop up a different lollipop sign. Without these physical street changes, at least some bollards on corners, we don’t slow down enough.
  • Ensure that there is a clear and consistent experience of moving into the 30 km/hr area. “Threshold treatments” FTW, and make a markedly different feeling environment. This is crucial.
  • Why not extend it? Use natural boundaries (eg the top of Taranaki St) rather than excluding areas that are an obvious part of the city centre?
  • Use this opportunity to kickstart sorting out the whole city’s Network Operating Framework! What a cracking idea…
  • Focus on children’s independent mobility as a litmus test for universal mobility – would you allow your child to walk and cycle independently here? If yes, the space will probably work for you at any age or ability.

Link here

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