We’re walking here!

Wellington is the premier place to walk in New Zealand. Ellen Blake of Living Streets Aotearoa invites us all to Walk To Work Day today 13th March –  you’ll be in good company on the footpaths!

Wellington may have a way to go but we are the best nationwide.  We have NZ’s highest rates of people walking all the way to work, many schools where more than half the kids walk to school, and strong public transport (still!) which gets you a walk too.

Living Streets Aotearoa invites you all to join us on the 13th of March for Walk2Work Day celebrations! Everyone is invited, the more, the merrier! It’s very simple:

– Take your favourite walk to work

– Walk with the kids to school

– Hop off the bus or train a couple of stops earlier and walk to work – that counts

– Park your car further from your destination and walk – that counts, too

– Use the stairs, and you are celebrating walking with us

– Walk to the shop or cafe

– An extra step for dedicated walkers: post a photo of you walking in social media and be in the draw to win one of our t-shirts!

Auckland Transport nailed it with this billboard

Please use some of the following hashtags so we could find your photos: #Walk2WorkNZ, #Walk2WorkDayNZ, #Walk2Work, #Walk2WorkDay. The giveaway will run until 14th of March – the more creative images you post, the higher are your chances to win.

Living Streets Aotearoa celebrates Walk2Work day since 2008, and we would love to see more people joining us not only on the day but every day. The reason behind the celebration is easy as. Walking is good for you, good for everyone else, and good for the environment. It also helps you plan your arrival time – there are no traffic jams or delays on the footpaths of Aotearoa. You become healthier, the planet thanks you for reducing carbon emissions, and you save money. Win-win-win!If you walk just 1000 metres (it is about 1300 steps or 12 minutes), you will

    • Gain energy; tone your legs, bum and tum;
    • use up 74 calories (for a 70kg person) – that’s your breakfast egg;
    • lift your mood; improve balance and coordination;
    • Save 0.72 cents of car costs, avoid 0.2kgs of carbon emissions and save $3.62 of health costs;
    • Reduce disease risk and improve heart health;
    • Be able to socialise with friends and community on the way.

Let’s Walk2Work together today 13th of March. See you on the footpath!

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  • Billboard – Auckland Transport

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