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Talking walking so cities can walk the talk

The NZ Walking Summit is the year’s unique opportunity to dive deep into talking walking! Living Streets Aotearoa are hosting it and guest-posted for TW here

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We’re walking here!

Wellington is the premier place to walk in New Zealand. Ellen Blake of Living Streets Aotearoa invites us all to Walk To Work Day today 13th March –  you’ll be in good company on the footpaths!

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Open Streets? Neat!

When was the last time you got to experience Wellington streets truly open to the people? Graduation parade? Cuba Dupa? Thorndon Fair? THIS SUNDAY we’ve got a one-off chance to experience the magic of moving about our glorious city without the metal boxes that are normally king of the kerbs.

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The Kingdom of the Machines

If you could ask an alien looking down at Wellington from outer space (via a translator, obviously), “which things here are in charge of this place?” what do you think they’d answer? 

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The crossing arrangements by Hood St put the needs of walking Wellingtonians firmly in second place after cars.  Our guest poster Walker reckons this is philosophically wrong because cities are for people.

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The elephant of hard choices

This year’s window has closed for having our say on Let’s Get Wellington Moving.   Guest author Roger Boulter calls out the elephant in the room that’s now going to get bigger.

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