Lunchtime Reading – 11.09.17

MONDAY 11.9.17

Lunchtime Reading: interactive transport special

This week: a special interactive edition! Get your teeth into these tasty transport-flavoured treats over your lunchtime sandwich, and flick off a submission on the spot.

Cheaper by bus, train and ferry?

Changes are afoot in how much it costs us to use public transport in our region.

Greater Wellington reckon the changes will get more people using public transport because fares will be more sensible and streamlined.  (Hopefully they’re also inching towards more integrated ticketing – one ticket good for all public transport).

  • Find out more: Online (PDF) and in person (the last two public meetings)   
  • Have your say (we reckon it’s all pretty sensible) online


Traffic and transport: be like Ada, have a say

Transport choices (or lack thereof) affect everyone, not just the immediate neighbours to a project. So just like Ada you too have the right to have opinions on initiatives outside your backyard!  Here are some open right now. 

  • Making Miramar more Miramarvellous? A proposal to make it safer to cycle round Miramar (closes 17th September)
  • Roads are for… traffic? What is and isn’t OK on the road? Hutt City wants to get that clearer (closes Monday 25 September)
  • We love the Wairarapa, and Masterton wants to make itself better for people cycling. Have a say on a cycling Strategy for Masterton (closes Friday 22nd September)


Vote for better transport

what options do you have travelling to vote?

What transport choices do you want? What do you want for your kids?

Transport policy’s a big deal and affects our daily lives.  Nationally and locally, the politicians are promising (and not promising) some same-same and some very different offerings.  So don’t forget to consider transport when you pick your winner and vote!

Nationwide: Newshub’s handy nationwide, all-parties summary here



Wellington region: What are the parties promising our region?  Alphabetically:




NZ First: no specific mention of our region, but spokesman quoted here

(NB Parties that don’t mention Welly aren’t included.)

Advance voting is now open and it’s all on!

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