A Very Welly Christmas – not a vehicle was stirring…

Wellington’s Santa Parade closed down one of the main streets in Wellington last weekend and it was awesome…

You know what we at Talk Wellington love more than Christmas? The streets being given back to the people. Lambton Quay became a walker’s wonderland last Sunday as all traffic was cleared for the Christmas parade. Surrounding streets were also no-go zones for anything with an engine. The result? Happy people. There were public displays, free stuff for kids, giant bubbles, an ice penguin, people dressed as reindeers the whole community shebang!

Town did not come to a standstill, just as it didn’t for Open Streets day last month. There’s so much fun stuff that we can do without cars on our streets. Let’s give them back to the people for more than just a day here and there.

Now, unfortunately for Talk Wellington, our camera wasn’t working last weekend so we don’t have any pictures of the parade. That’s where you come in!

Send us your snaps so we can post them!

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