Climate progress ahoy!

Haven’t yet said “Make it easier for us to do good please” on our region’s only low carbon city plan? Get in there!  Te Atakura / First To Zero feedback closes TOMORROW and just this week the energy really started building!

What just happened?

The Zero Carbon Bill is moving into Parliament! 

There’s a process, but it’s on its way now.

Superb economic and policy research organisation Motu summed up the importance in a good thread on Twitter:

Commentators from both the “go harder!” and the “go softer!” sides of the debate are criticising it, which politicians will probably interpret as “it’s about right”. Read a nice explainer here about it.

Climate expert Professor Myles Allan (Oxford University) laid out the basics of getting to zero really pithily and sounded quite cheery about NZ’s prospects, on RadioNZ recently (only 10 minutes!)

OMG, they made a difference!

If you ever wanted to know if getting involved in activism makes any difference, yes it does.   

Generation Zero have been the principal heavy-lifters behind this historic bit of legislation: a bunch of ordinary young Kiwis who care, and are using their brains, hearts and networks making change. They deserve the thanks of our nation – and our support for this Bill to keep going! 

Thoughtful and non-dickish direct action also makes a difference.

Now go make a difference!

Can’t I just sit back, the System’s fixing itself? Nah not yet, because Wellington leaders will still want some spine-stiffening to show good leadership – see here. So your submission really matters.

Party or no party, submitting on Te Atakura (and on any growth planning) is dead easy.

And it closes TOMORROW FRIDAY 10th MAY so whack one in now!

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