Where can we dance? Public space for people

Public space where people can meet, hang out, do stuff – even dance. It’s a sadly rare thing in our towns. Help some smart researchers understand what kind of public space you love

Liveable cities doyenne Dr Rebecca Kiddle is in the midst of a research project on third places (places you can be with others that aren’t home or your Second Place.)

We say: hooray! More of this please.

Find out more about the research in this Architecture Now article (and on its website), but for now, she wants to hear from us and you.

How do you experience public space? What would you like?

Great public spaces are equally good for stuff you do sitting down

If you’re 18 or older and live in Te Upoko o te Ika somewhere, answer Dr Kiddle’s survey here! It closes on 16 December.

Share it with everyone you know too – especially younger people, who will spend the most time living in the towns and cities we’re shaping.

Dancing here… but only by painted people?

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Image credits:

  • Street dancing – Fredrik Alpstedt
  • Street chess: Ethan Kent
  • Cuba Mall dancing – Cuban Fusion

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