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So many things afoot! In no order, some stuff that’s been happening this week (or that we’ve stumbled across this week).

The Budget

A really good roundup on what “wellbeing” means , and two good takes here and here (seeking targets.) Transport: cheaper PT fares for those who need it the most. The Budget’s big-ticket new money: focus on rehabilitating rail (for historical context, listen to a great interview with this interesting guy. )


As evidence mounts of (some) Wellington busdrivers’ life-threatening behaviour around people cycling, we glimpse senior management attitudes that encourage it


Councils declaring Climate Emergencies (Environment Canterbury, Christchurch City, Kāpiti Coast, Nelson City). Non-binding (and mostly meaningless unless leaders all have the right attitude), unlike the special powers (e.g. conferred post-earthquake in Chch and state of emergencies that can be declared post natural disasters). But fundamentally, trying to fix the profoundly broken system of funding for local government responsibilities [PDF].

Let’s Get Wellington Moving

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester talking to denizens of Mt Victoria about the implications for the inner city of Let’s Get Wellington Moving. FB event here . (Thursday 6 June, Greek Community Centre (Hania St), doors 6pm, event 6.30-8pm.)


The Auckland Harbour: soon to be crossable by humans! Great video here of the new Skypath proposal. Only about 60 years overdue, so book your 2022ish Auckland trip tickets now!

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