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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods can, and should, benefit us all

We all want good street design, and varied transport options. So let’s make sure we are very deliberately building for all of us.

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The 15 Minute City

Paris’ mayor Anne Hidalgo has a powerful concept in her re-election campaign: the 15-minute city. It’s the kind of vision we need in Wellington

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Rights and responsibilities: the case of the pedestrian crossing

Auckland, recently: the authorities turned off the buzzing sound on a pedestrian crossing on a busy inner city road, for at best dubious reasons. Noise and sound really matter in cities

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The Lime e-scooters fight: it’s all on… on the footpath

The other shoe’s dropped: Wellington city will get Lime Scooters. So let’s use the opportunity to move forward, shall we?

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The Traffic Jam Episode 3: Pedestrian At Best

The Traffic Jam’s third episode is “Pedestrian At Best” with Living Streets Aotearoa’s Ellen Blake, and it’s a great listen. 

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The crossing arrangements by Hood St put the needs of walking Wellingtonians firmly in second place after cars.  Our guest poster Walker reckons this is philosophically wrong because cities are for people.

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