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Urbanerds Rahui Edition part 1: Cohousing

The May Urbanerds gathering, with its star-studded guest speaker lineup, was also blessed with an Urbanerd taking notes. Part 1: Charles Dawson’s dispatches from the Cohousing session

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Better places to live

What if there was a place to live where we could have really nice things, and have a good community around (but not too much inyaface)?

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Cohousing: Part 3

In her final piece of the series, guest poster Biddy Livesey – housing policy analyst, researcher, and future resident of Cohaus – considers how cohousing is supported, and the specific planning challenge for an innovative collective housing development. This article was originally published on Greater Auckland, and is reproduced with permission.  

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Steb in the Dark? Step into the Light!

Wellington City Council is developing a brand new suburb in Upper Stebbings Valley. Let’s shine a light on how to do it well! So it’s not yet another stab at big cookie-cutter houses in a dormitory suburb. It’s about building a community, while building homes.

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Cohousing: Part 2

 Biddy Livesey – housing policy analyst, researcher, and future resident of Cohaus – leads us on an exciting journey: what Cohaus will look like…

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