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Stebbings Valley 2.Oh-no

WCC has returned after a 2 year hiatus to give us version 2.0 of the Stebbings Valley development. Let’s look at what’s changed, what’s the same, why we’re not fans, and get some submissions in by 5.00pm 30th November.

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Option Adoption – Stebbings Valley Residential Development

Have your say on which Stebbings Valley option you want (we like option three, just saying).

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Opportunity: down the drain?

Stebbings Valley, apparently the last greenfields development in Wellington City, is a big deal. Until 3rd September we’ve a chance to say we want it to be an asset, not a liability, and a really big reason why is WATER.

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Steb in the Dark? Step into the Light!

Wellington City Council is developing a brand new suburb in Upper Stebbings Valley. Let’s shine a light on how to do it well! So it’s not yet another stab at big cookie-cutter houses in a dormitory suburb. It’s about building a community, while building homes.

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