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What would a free market for parking look like?

As Wellington quietly gears up to grasp the nettle of urban carparking management, City Beautiful’s Stephen Davis has insights from a place taking a much less regulated approach

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Remove the FBT from public transport

 Greater Auckland’s Matt Lowrie finds an overlooked gold nugget in the Tax Working Group’s recommendations. It’s small but an important signal… This post was originally published on Greater Auckland and is reproduced with thanks Yesterday the government’s Tax Working Group released their final report of recommendations for changing our tax system. While the media have fixated on the prospect of Capital Gains Tax,…

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The Low Cost of Ending the High Cost of Free Parking

Worldwide, what would you say is the single biggest thing that gets in the way of making streets better for people? Surely it’s cost? Maybe poor public engagement? Nope – it’s street parking. And it’s really, really hard to change. Stephen Davis of City Beautiful outlines how we’ve enshrined sacred cow status around storing your…

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