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Reshaping streets for transport justice: webinar with Oakland, CA

Because people in councils and consultancies are generally employed, white, middle-class, the solutions they suggest for cities are often “elite projections” and won’t really do the good for those unlike them – unless they (*we) take special care. Oakland has a great pivot story, which is still going… so tune in August 6th to learn!

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“It’s really good but where’s the consultation?!” tactical urbanism, social licence and opening minds

A Low Traffic Neighbourhood project in Onehunga, using tactical urbanism, is a theatre for some very familiar angst – but also some very unfamiliar progress.

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Low Traffic Neighbourhoods can, and should, benefit us all

We all want good street design, and varied transport options. So let’s make sure we are very deliberately building for all of us.

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Give it a whirl, let’s suck it and see!

Trying stuff out, seeing what works, giving things a whirl – it’s the best way to change streets cheaply, quickly and lightly. Urbanism wonks call it “tactical urbanism” (secret: it’s the same thing!). Here’s the great talk that inspired Braden’s post Lighter, Quicker, Cheaper.

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On the frontlines of tactical urbanism: lighter, quicker, cheaper with Steven Burgess

“We shape our streets, and thereafter they shape us” – but then we can shape them back. And it needn’t be a huge, expensive, fraught undertaking. Tactical urbanism guru Steven Burgess has been in Aotearoa-NZ, rattling a few cages and opening eyes, and guest poster Braden went along. 

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Streets for people (for a day)

World Carfree Day and PARK(ing) Day happened recently, a handy eye-opener of what we’re missing when we let motor vehicles dominate our lives and streets.

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