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How will they vote now they’ve had your vote?

Those candidate scorecards were great, but some questioned how well they reflected candidates’ actual intentions once in power. The Traffic Jam looked into councillors’ recorded voting form, and it’s pretty interesting

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Buses, trains and time: what’s really happening

Earlier this week we did a shout-out to geeky types who sit on reference groups in the mid-water layer of the public transport ecosystem. This week: eye opening insight from geeky types who sit at home, parsing data on important issues like… Where are our buses and trains? Are they getting worse? If GWRC won’t…

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The transport ecosystem: in praise of reference group geeks

Public noise about public transport has waned from its #bustastrophe peak. But is anything really improving? Reference Groupie reports that – lucky for Wellington, some civic-minded citizens are helping – and having to work hard to keep the players honest.

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