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Distribution hubs & cargo bikes: reimagining Wellington’s logistics

Looking internationally it’s clear Wellington’s delivery logistics could be improved. A lot of it comes down to that “last mile.” Improving this starts with freight distribution hubs.

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Submission guide: better biking and breezier bussing between Botanics and the big blue briney

Safe cycling and scooting, and better bussing between the Botanic Gardens and the harbour needs needs your support to become real

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We keep doing the same, but expecting something different to happen… til now?

Finally, it seems, we may be getting less insane (in Einstein terms) in how we plan, build and experience transport infrastructure…

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Govt & NZ: “reduce emissions”. Also govt: “yeah but BUILDING THINGS, and VOTES”

Some influential voices are pointing out the climate weaknesses of Let’s Get Wellington Moving big-ticket programme. Will anyone listen?

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Suburbia is subsidised: here’s the maths

Fun fact: Inner-city areas are subsidising suburbs – to the tune of hundreds of millions every year. A great video lays out this big fact that’s hidden in plain sight.

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The housing crisis: how we made it and how we fix it

An important report from Te Waihanga|The Infrastructure Commission shows that our current housing crisis wasn’t inevitable. Hear more from Te Waihanga’s own experts at the next Urbanerds this Tuesday!

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Local government reform: your handy 101

There’s big change a-comin’ and we’ll need to have our say. Local government nerd powers are here to help!

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National Land Transport Programme: the big bucks for transport

“Follow the money”! It’s that time again: government setting out what’s getting the lion’s share of public spending on transport. With the need to slash transport emissions by 60% if we’re being honest, and a government enjoying strong popular support, are we seeing them do more than just talk?

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Are EVs going to save us?

When it comes to the planet being on fire and reducing our emissions, a lot of us think “hey, can’t we just all get in electric cars and that’ll sort it out?” Dr Nadine Dodge takes a closer look

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Fast, good submission: Government Policy Statement on Housing and Urban Development (oh yeah)

A Government Policy Statement on Housing and Urban Development says what the government’s arms are going to do about this stuff, this term. If you feel like whacking in a submission by COP Friday 30th (!), here’s your one-step recipe!

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