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Fresh thinking on filling the affordable housing gap

Although Aotearoa has a dire lack of state housing, there is also a growing hole in the middle too. The Urban Advisory’s (TUA) report on scaling up affordable housing came out this month; and it had some interesting ideas about how to fill the gaps.

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Better places to live: community and housing

Ao-NZ’s munted housing market is stimulating lots of innovation and entrepreneurism, and the responses to different initiatives are revealing our preferences and prejudices.

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Eco-City done well could solve housing crisis. Part two of three.

In part two of three, guest poster Harre dishes up possibilities for the proposed Wellington Eco-City, how housing could be integrated with rapid transit and how houses can be built affordably.

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Can an Eco-City solve Wellington’s housing crisis? Part One.

Guest poster Brendon Harre is taking a close look at the ‘Eco-City’ plans for our hills north of Welly. In part one of three, he introduces why we have a housing problem and what we currently (and have previously) planned to do about it – with an excellent retro video for your viewing pleasure!

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No Going Back?

Pomare’s redevelopment was “all about community engagement”, but did it ultimately serve the people who lived there? We ponder the commercial vs community pressures of public/private partnerships.  

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