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National Land Transport Programme: the big bucks for transport

“Follow the money”! It’s that time again: government setting out what’s getting the lion’s share of public spending on transport. With the need to slash transport emissions by 60% if we’re being honest, and a government enjoying strong popular support, are we seeing them do more than just talk?

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Are EVs going to save us?

When it comes to the planet being on fire and reducing our emissions, a lot of us think “hey, can’t we just all get in electric cars and that’ll sort it out?” Dr Nadine Dodge takes a closer look

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Transport for our children’s future

Part three of a six-part series, compiled by Talk Wellington, that outlines a sensible vision for transport. This is a space that needs filling even as Let’s Get Wellington Moving prepares to spend $4 billion on transport in the capital.

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Driving force

July 15th bears down on us: the most sweeping set of changes to Wellington public transport since ages ago. The Hutt’s had a taster and for the rest of the region, the countdown continues.  In this bus-focussed special, Talk Wellington’s been reading the news with a critical eye…

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