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Weekend Reading – Saturday 14.10.17

Buses, houses, and old stuff: this weekend’s reading is full of goodness!   “Bye bye, Leccy Bus” A small girl getting off a trolley bus ahead of me yesterday said it, and from 1st November we’ll say bye to the last vestiges of the network. From Congestion Free Wellington: “Wellington Cable Car Ltd (owned by…

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Pronouncing History: place names in Kāpiti

Being at home in a landscape includes seeing the full story of its history reflected, not just one side. Scoop Wellington’s Lindsay Shelton reckons Kāpiti has taken an important, symbolic step.  This article is cross-posted with permission from Scoop Wellington A working party of iwi representatives and a local historian have come up with a…

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One Year hurry up for Cuba Street

What’s happened with earthquake strengthening our beloved fragile heritage buildings in Cuba St? EyeoftheFish asks – and gets an answer This article is cross-posted with permission from EyeoftheFish. It’s taken over 5 years since the first Canterbury quake for some actual real action to be taken on strengthening, and not before time. Now that the laws…

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