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Re-indigenising and how to decolonise design

We’ve already described what decolonisation and re-indigenisation mean in the context of urban design. Now let’s see what the experts say about how exactly to do it.

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What does decolonisation look like in our towns?

Heard of decolonisation? What about re-indigenisation? What do these mean for how we design our towns and why should we care? Here’s our crash course on everything you need to know!

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Let’s Coexist

Guest author Kara Puketapu-Dentice looks at New Zealand’s resource management and our struggles to look after this place, and prescribes a dose of disruption: through a simple, elegant reframing of our relationship with nature. This piece is based on a lecture given to a class from Victoria University’s Masters of Resource Management Programme on 21…

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X-ray goggles and imagination: what do we see in our towns? Decolonising Cities symposium

Seeing your hometown with fresh eyes is always a good thing, even (especially) when that’s a bit uncomfortable. Lured by the challenging concept of “Re-Māorifying”, Talk Wellington’s Isabella Cawthorn found some home truths and fresh perspectives about Porirua – and all our towns.

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