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e-scooters: don’t ban them by accident

A temporary exemption in official classifications means we get to have e-scooters in NZ. But that exemption’s expiring and there’s real “baby goes out with bathwater” risk, so pop in your 2c BY 5PM MONDAY 7th!

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Reshaping Streets: that’s a big fat YES please

Good street change is stupidly hard in NZ, partly thanks to some weird little fossils in legislation. “Reshaping Streets” will fix those, making it a bit easier to improve our streets! But, surprise (sigh) it needs your help to get over the line…   

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The Kingdom of the Machines

If you could ask an alien looking down at Wellington from outer space (via a translator, obviously), “which things here are in charge of this place?” what do you think they’d answer? 

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Friday Poem: Dominion by Tim Jones

Tim Jones explores the power of cars through poetry…

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