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Taxes and Tolls and Trains! Oh My!

The government’s Policy Statement on Land Transport is now open for public input.  Talk Wellington observes the responses – including some doomsaying, fear and trembling.  Should we care, and if so should we all be crying “Hooray!” or “Help!”?

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Cities through different eyes

If you could go around as a different gender for a while – like Robin Williams’ character in Mrs Doubtfire  – you’d have a different experience of your city. Because they’re mainly designed and run by men, cities tend not to work so well for those who aren’t. But that’s not how it’s going to be in…

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Students and cities: a lively, lovely, messy symbiosis

They’re baaaaack!  This coming week, students are pouring back into  our region’s universities, polytechs and training institutions.  Yes there’s more raucousness, but as Beth Goodwin observes, these populations are generally good for our towns and cities.

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Weekend reading 17.2.18

In this weekend’s food for thought: optimism, excitement and innovation in Christchurch – scrapped, top to bottom.  Was a key regeneration project doomed, did someone kill it, or did we starve it?

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Wet weekend reading 11.2.18

A special Wet Weekend edition – bonus for that soggy Sunday

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Long Weekend Reading 3.2.18

A special Long Weekend edition of our Weekend Reading for you – essential food for thought

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Have you seen TOD?

Guest author Guy M reckons Wellington could do with a nice strong hot TODdy. [Editor’s note: the author was not responsible for the pun in this tagline.]

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Holiday Reading 4.1.18

As the bells toll… so might some roads   Greater Auckland looks at the Herald’s report the NZTA is considering introducing tolls on several roads under construction, including Transmission Gully and the Petone to Grenada link.     It looks at how we assess the value of major roading projects, including travel time savings, availability…

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Let’s Get Wellington MOVING! Today’s the day

Transport planning is a big deal. Large scale transport infrastructure affects everything around it, for decades.   In case you haven’t noticed, Let’s Get Wellington Moving  will profoundly shape our city, and the window is almost closed to give your steer on the approach they’re taking.  You can read more but regardless, get your feedback in…

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Weekend Reading 9.12.17

Simple stuff and high tech stuff in this weekend’s reading – enjoy from your lawn, or bus!

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